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August 6, 2007

Danger, Will Robinson

Filed under: the joy of life — iamza @ 12:24 pm

Caution seems to be the new buzzword. “Be careful. Don’t do that, you may get hurt.” Or, “How could this happen? Who can we blame?”

I get that a certain amount of common sense is required. Common sense might indicate that standing on the edge of a cliff-top that is pulling away from solid ground is not a hobby likely to result in a long and happy life. Common sense suggests that a smoke-choked chamber is unlikely to allow for deep and easy breaths. Common sense suggests that leaping into a fire is likely to get one burned.

At the same time, life comes with no guarantees. People will always die in stupid and seemingly pointless ways. Life isn’t about remaining cocooned in cotton-wool, conforming to a series of ever more draconian laws designed to keep one safe. It’s about seeing and touching, smelling and tasting, hearing and experiencing the world around us.

Sometimes, you never feel more alive than when you’re perched over the abyss.


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