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August 2, 2007

Random inanity in all its glory

Filed under: random, the joy of life — iamza @ 4:30 pm

My lavender bushes are loving the English weather. I’m not so sure about the bumblebees, who more resemble bedraggled black clouds as they buzz about. When the bumblebees start wearing Wellington boots, I’m building an ark.

The pansies in the crack in the patio by the kitchen are wonderfully happy, despite being run over weekly by wheelie bins. I am tempted to use this method of getting the grass in the back lawn to grow so that I don’t have so many bare muddy patches. On a vaguely related side-note, it’s amazing how often I forget about the mud puddles until after I’ve stepped in them.

The goldfish appear to exist on water, weeds, and the occasional neighbourhood cat. I have decided not to interfere any further with their diet.  

Someday, I really need to sort out the plastering on my walls. Tapping the walls is a perpetual adventure — half of the walls sound like they are hiding secret passageways. Possibly the secret passageways are, instead, doorways to dimensionless points where time ceases to exist…?


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