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June 3, 2007

Because even spiders like to fly

Filed under: ficlet — iamza @ 3:50 pm

“Why do I do this?” mimicked Peter as he pulled on his webbing, testing its strength. He shook his head in disgust. “How are you even supposed to answer a question like that?” The web-line was solid, and he grabbed at it with both hands, then launched himself into the night sky. Overhead, the blanket of clouds had been set alight by the yellow-orange of the sodium streetlights below.

He could hear the sirens wailing as they wend their way through boulevards and avenues, and looked down. The cars below crawled like bugs trapped in a glass-and-concrete canyon, headlight antennae feeling out the path ahead, searching for an escape.

A gust of wind grabbed greedily at Peter, and lifted him roughly. It whistled and roared as it tossed him about like a log in a landslide. Peter whooped. He loved moments like this; moments of unfettered freedom when gravity no longer existed and the world fell away, and it was just Peter adrift in an ocean of air. 

Moments when even the wingless could fly.


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