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May 29, 2007

Giant eyes in the sky

Filed under: curiosities, the joy of life — iamza @ 1:52 pm

I love ferris wheels. The bigger they are, the more terrified I am when the basket I’m in stops at the top while people are loaded into the baskets at the bottom. This is especially true when the wind is not blowing, because the basket I’m in will inevitably rock like a cradle stuck in a gale-tossed tree regardless of actual atmospheric conditions.

You’d think, being, er, cautious of heights, that my body would take one look at a ferris wheel, and bolt away to find the nearest ship anchor or other heavy object with which to weigh itself down. “No, no, we loves the earth, my preciousss. No whirly sky rides for us, no, no, no.”

But there’s something addictive about being terrified out of your wits, and having to hide it. I’m sure my grin on a ferris wheel resembles that of a golden retriever with his head stuck out the window of a car travelling ninety miles an hour down the M1 (tongue and ears blown backwards by the force of the wind, and all).


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