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May 14, 2007

Honey, I’m home

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No matter how much I enjoy a vacation, it’s always a relief to get back home. It’s a smile that starts as I drive up the hill, past the still pink-coated cherry trees on the islands of grass either side of the road, over the speedhumps and past the corner store. Expands as I go past the RAC van that never moves, and then turn into the dandelion-infested driveway, noting without surprise that the dandelions are about ten times the size they were before I left.

I really know I’m home when I open the front door, and smell the pine-scented perfume from the candle I bought for less than a dollar in Canada about five years ago. Turn on the heating, and the lights, and it’s like the house is a dormant dragon slowly coming back to life.

I love arriving at a new destination — that moment of chaotic confusion when I realize I have no idea where I’m going, or what to do next. Everything is new, shiny and bright, and my eyes are tracking in about fifty directions at once. Everything captures my attention, if only for a moment, and I wish I could sit down, or stand up, or go to sleep, all at once.

But coming home, well, it’s like finding a part of myself that I left behind.


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