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April 21, 2007

The dandelion dilemma

Filed under: curiosities, the dandelion wars, the joy of life — iamza @ 9:24 pm

You know what annoys me most about dandelions? They don’t have the good grace to know when they’re supposed to die, damnit. I have now pulled out the same dandelion plant about three times, and each fortnight, it just grows back. To add insult to injury, it is now sporting a giant yellow flower, and nodding as if laughing at me. “Ha ha, you can’t kill me!”

I know, I know — to get rid of it permanently, I need to take out the roots. But, I swear, this dandelion has a root system that is anchored somewhere down near the asthenosphere. I’m scared if I pull too hard, or dig too deep, I’ll cause a major tectonic incident.

“Extra, extra: Freak magnitude 8.2 earthquake strikes the East Midlands. Gardener held for questioning. Read all about it!”

Another curious observation: I have pansies growing in the cracks in the concrete outside the kitchen. So, weeds have infested the flowerbeds, and the flowers have taken up residence in the cracks in concrete and bricks where weeds more traditionally reside. 

Okay, then.

Finally, a question for the ages: As a kid, I can remember listening to people going on and on about how cockroaches are incredibly hardy, and if there were ever a nuclear winter, cockroaches would likely be amongst the few organisms to survive. Personal experience leads me to think that dandelions, too, have great survival instincts. Now, throw in some radiation-induced mutation, and imagine Godzilla cockroaches battling it out against Day-of-the-Triffids-style dandelions. Who do you think would win?



  1. Dear Iamsa,

    You may be right about the Tectonics and the Nuclear Survivability of Dandelions !

    I think I will write further on this soon. In meantime,
    relax, and take it easy. It just frustration built up due to
    corporate mind control and inability to do much about it,
    so you take it out on a defenseless little flower, and then
    become even more frustrated from this impotence and
    inability to control and kill something.

    You have all the symptoms of a Mind Control Victum.
    Don’t panic, its fairly easily curable, although relapses are common.

    To shake loose of this, just stop by our blog and be refreshed
    to know that there is freedom and fun once you overcome
    the Mind Control.

    Best Wishes,

    Comment by Stexie — May 25, 2007 @ 5:26 pm

  2. You have quite a website there. I’m intrigued by the recipe for dandelion cookies. Have you tried it yet?

    Comment by iamza — May 29, 2007 @ 1:48 pm

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