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April 20, 2007

Flying maybe not so high

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Among the six or so books in my ‘currently reading’ pile is Kam Majd’s High Wire. Captain Kate is Jet East’s wonder girl. She outperformed all the men in her pilot training courses, and paved the way for all the Jet East female pilots after her. So when Captain Kate seemingly flies her aircraft into the ground through pilot error, and kills six passengers, people are understandably concerned. The story makes national headlines — especially after Captain Kate’s co-pilot, Ed Dumb-bell goes public with his less-than-enthusiastic opinion of Captain Kate’s mad piloting skillz.

Fortunately, folks at the NSTB the NTSB that airplane crash investigation unit aren’t swayed by the observations of a misogynistic co-pilot (who, incidentally, happened to be present in the cockpit at the time of the crash), or data retrieved from the black box supporting the finding of pilot error. They are, of course, also completely immune to the charms of the beautiful (and hotheaded) Captain Kate, and don’t think about her lovely legs or eyes at all. No, the folks at the NSTB the NTSB that airplane crash investigation unit are utterly professional, completely impartial, and simply wish to find the underlying cause of the aircraft crash so that more people won’t end up injured or dead. (But they also wouldn’t say no to a dinner date with Captain Kate. In a strictly professional capacity, of course).

In addition to luke-warm romances and plane crashes, the novel also contains a solid dose of sordid conspiracy theories, corporate blackmail, back-stabbing office politics, and nasty computer viruses.

This is one of those books you read at the beach, or in the terminal as you’re waiting for your plane to depart. It’s a quick read, with a reasonably entertaining plot and characters who are completely forgettable. (For example, it’s only been a couple of hours since I put this book down, and I cannot for the life of me remember Captain Kate’s full name. As for the romantic male lead from the NSTB the NTSB that airplane crash investigation unit, I think his name might be Michael, but I could be wrong. Now, true, I have a shockingly bad memory, but even I am usually better at remembering characters’ names than that!)


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