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April 6, 2007

Backyard safari

Filed under: bright ideas, the joy of life — iamza @ 9:29 pm

Tomorrow, I really need to buy a lawnmower. My back garden is beginning to resemble a very green veld. (Heh, just think: had lions evolved in England, they’d have green fur for camoflage. “Look, over there! Why, it’s Simba, the jolly green Lion-King!”)

I was trying to decide what sort of mower I’d like to buy. On the one hand, I could be very green (pun totally intended), and get one of those push mowers, which don’t require electricity to get the job done. My house-mate in Canada had one of those. It was a blessedly quiet machine — well, except for the cursing that inevitably ensued when the arms got tired, and my house-mate realized he’d only mowed a quarter of the lawn.

Aside from the relatively noise-free aspect, there are a couple other appealing factors about the powerless lawnmower:

1) If there were ever a terminal blackout, at least my lawn would still look good.

2) No electricity means no power cord to accidentally cut. Don’t laugh; it happens! And then you end up having to buy a new mower because buying a replacement power cord is, for all intents and purposes, impossible. Thanks, Mom, for teaching me this invaluable life lesson. :-)

3) As a novice mower, I feel far more comfortable with having only to focus on sharp blades. Adding electrical power into the mix feels a bit like an over-complication — something I may want to add at a later stage when I actually, you know, know what I’m doing.

Of course, use of a powerless lawnmower leads to the production of more sweat. Or, if you prefer, given that I’m a woman, a brighter (smellier) glow. Hey, I get to resemble a giant (albeit red-tinged) firefly. Bonus!

I am also thinking of purchasing a set of cricket shin guards to shield my legs from the inevitable stones that get tossed about when the lawn is mowed. Perhaps I should buy a helmet as well? And attach a bat to my belt to protect me from all those green lions I’m sure are hiding in the long grass in my very own backyard veld…


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