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April 3, 2007

Weekend books

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And so, back to the office. It always amazes me how quickly I become accustomed to lazy mornings on the weekends, and how long it takes to get used to the early morning rush thereafter. By Friday, I’m just about back on schedule, and then — boom — it’s the weekend again.

Right, onto books read over the weekend.

Anyone looking for a decent retelling of classic fairytales could do worse than to pick up Linda Medley’s Castle Waiting. I’m only about half way through, but the more I read, the more I’m enjoying this book. And I know you’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but I was impressed with the thought and careful design that seems to have gone into the binding of the hardcover edition. It feels just like an old-fashioned all-text storybook, with its torn page edges and cloth spine. The stories and characters are wonderful, and the artwork in this graphic novel is detailed enough that I’m finding myself reading more slowly so as to better appreciate the little details.

I’m also about half way through Moira Moore’s Resenting the Hero. It’s a pleasant enough story, wherein Lee finds herself bonded to a nobleman: Shintaro. As a Shield, Lee is responsible for caring for Shintaro’s physical body while he works magic to save their world from natural disasters. There’s only one problem: Lee wants the quiet life, and Shintaro keeps landing them headfirst in adventures and escapades. I really like the idea of magic workers having to work in pairs to save the world, where each of the pairing brings to the table their own unique gifts and abilities. Most sword and sorcery-style fantasy novels pair a magic worker with a barbarian warrior, or allow the magic user to work in solitude; this novel makes a nice change from that stereotype. One thing I did find a little disappointing is the cover, which promises a different sort of story from what is actually delivered. The cover makes it feel like this is a humourous story, full of one liners and funny moments. The reality is very different. Fortunately, the story inside is pretty good, or I’d have been more annoyed by the false advertising on the cover.


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