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March 25, 2007

Losing hours

Filed under: the joy of life — iamza @ 9:53 am

Daylight savings kicked in overnight. There’s an hour of my weekend gone, with no sleep to show for it.

I have reset half the clocks in my house, but forgot about the water tank timer thingy. The water tank is in my airing closet, and I’ve decided it makes a great alarm clock. No clanging bells or jarringly loud beeps, for which I guess the neighbour is grateful. Instead, a loud hiss and the sound of a tiny steam engine from the freaky spider-infested cupboard in the corner, and I find I’m more than ready to leap out of bed. 

The clock in the car is still on winter time. I think it’ll probably stay that way all through the summer as I haven’t the foggiest notion of how to reset it, and reading the book to figure it out is too much bother when I’ll only have to turn the clock back again in six months. The sad thing is, I know I’ve done it before, since the car was on summer time when I bought it.

Remind me again why we go through this craziness twice a year?


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