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March 14, 2007

5 Useful items that someone other than me should invent

Filed under: bright ideas — iamza @ 2:21 pm

1) A teleporter. An environmentally friendly method of getting anywhere in the world in no time at all. No more crowded airports, sardine-can aeroplanes, or bus-rides that take forever to get anywhere at all.

 2) A space gateway to the stars. I’m not saying it’s going to be easy or cheap, but we should be making friends with our galactic neighbours, not hiding out in the basement.

3) An internal communication device with a ring tone that only the person being paged can hear. Also, an internal MP3 player, radio, and hi-fi. Best done soon, before I give in to the impulse to start dunking various bits of electronic wizardry in the nearest body of water I can find.

4) Cities that hover in the sky. That way, the marshlands can stay untouched, and if pipes start to leak, there’s no worries about flooding. True, there might be a short-term increase in the number of birds impacting against buildings, but that’s why Survival of the Fittest became the evolutionary rule. Also, (a) pigeons are not on the endangered list, and (b) statues everywhere could breathe a figurative sigh of relief (unless, of course, they were the termination point of the pigeon’s flight, in which case they’d do well to keep their mouths closed if they didn’t want to choke on the feathers).

5) Fold-up cars, so that parking issues become a non-concern.  


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  1. I feel being honoured for your invitation. I am the founder of the Green Tree Foundation, in the corner part of the ari Anantapur District of South India. I have been observing arid, drought condition of the district since my child hood and my family too is one of the victims caused by this calmity. As broght from a poor family my heart was looking of doing some thing to get rid of this drought. Now i am a govt teacher, and i am greening the adopted villages by means of Back Yard Horticulture to make the people learn to love their own greenery at first. Gradually we go for further techniques. one of my surveys say that the Back Yard Horticulture can equal the extent of the forest area! Now we have no hold on the forests and the forest is a freequent victim to the smugglers, ignorant people and other currupive methods.
    Viewing this I have come to start my greening activities for the benefit of all sections of the society, not only farmers: the Back Bone of any Nation.
    If any understanding personality shake his hands with me i can accelerate my greening activities more and more. I live for 45 years to do this activity. Before my last blink and my last oxygen: I should see the green filled and peaceful society.
    With regards

    Comment by Gangisetty — March 18, 2007 @ 1:40 am

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