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March 6, 2007

Just one more time

Filed under: bright ideas — iamza @ 10:04 am

Time is over-rated. There’s never enough of it when you really need it, and there’s always too much of it when you don’t.

Here in the U.K., the government is talking about bringing in so-called carbon credits. The idea is that each person gets issued with a certain number of carbon credits (per month, or per year, or whatever), and every time you drive your car, or turn on your lights, it costs you a certain number of those carbon credits. People who live in the office basement, and navigate in the dark by means of night-vision goggles, will not use many of their carbon credits; they can then sell some of their carbon credits to the rest of us.

I think this is a waste of a potentially great idea. I propose instead that we replace the carbon credits with time credits. Just think, it could spell the end of all those wasted moments hanging about in queues or on hold. Instead, you could sell those precious seconds to someone struggling desperately to pull off that last minute pre-crash computer hard-drive save. Not only do you come out richer, but you’ve also proved you’re a great person. And you didn’t have to enable someone else to drive their car to do it!


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